Buliding:The Miracle Group is situated in a remote area containing pollution free atmosphere. The scenario around building as attractive and mind soothing. College is located out side from main city of Mandsaur .
Fully CCTV Campus
Wi-Fi Campus
Class Rooms : Twenty numbers of well furnished class rooms having enough sitting arrangement, where more than 500 students can accommodate, learn and appear for exams.
Lab For GNM
Fundamental Lab: Nursing is an art and science that needs a lot of practice. The fundamental of nursing lab is the practical area of the students, where they perform all nursing procedures prior to the exposure to the clinical field. The faculty uses the lab for various demonstrations of procedures in nursing. Students registered in the Fundamentals of Nursing course are trained in the Fundamentals of Nursing.The course is designed to train students in basic clinical skills to prepare them for practice.
Community Health Nursing Lab: Community Health Nursing Lab is develop skills & Knowledge in primary care for the individuals, families and groups at both urban & rural areas. It provides facilities for the students to practice skills related to Community Health Nursing. Community Health Nursing lab focuses on principles and methods of community health nursing , roles and responsibility of the nurse in the community and the development and community service management community administration principle, primary health care health nursing experience is provide to the students in government health centers, concerning survey, health problem analysis, and solving community health promotion and prevention services, school health service, sanitation and environmental service. Health teaching and educational visit to various health agencies are provided..
Metarnity And Child Health Nursing Lab: Maternity and child health course are trained in the Maternity and Newborn Nursing Skills. The course is designed to train students in clinical skills that prepare them for the care of pregnant women during antenatal, labor, and postnatal periods, also care to new born babies in the clinical setting. The aim of the MCH lab is to achieve excellence in basic and applied teaching relating to child health and obstetrics & gynecology.
AV AID Room:
Pathology Lab:
Anatomy & Physicology Lab:
Nutrition Lab:
Computer Lab:
The computer department of the institute relating to various subjects of PGDCA and DCA.They are well equipped with system & with latest version, Internet connection.
A Wi-Fi zone and heigh speed internet are available in the computer labs providing ample opportunity & access to each student to online reference material.
While the computer department has more than 50 computers in the laboratories,with LAN connectivities.
Every workplace is provided with network connectivity. The high speed internet and intranet are set via an optic fibre backbone.
A Firewall provides high security to the internet access.
Every corner of the Group is well connected with LAN and internet.
  • LIBRARY :-
At Miracle-Group, Library provides facilities for learning, teaching, research and handling consultancy projects.
This facility can be availed from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Everyday, new books are pouring into the library..
In addition, the library has a steady flow of newspapers, magazines and journals on subjects related to Paramedical,Nursing,Computers.
Moreover, a good collection of Video Cassettes and Compact Discs (CDs) and DVDs for having the exposure to latest technological developments is also available.
The libraries are collectively stocked with over 55,000 books, magazines, reference articles, archives, encyclopaedic collections, and about 300 references & textbooks, periodicals and national & international journals.
Bus facilities are available from all corners of Mandsaur for the convenience of the students and its staff members.
Bus facilities of Miracle Group is free of cost..